Thursday, April 14, 2005


Why don't you start a rumor that he's... ding a ling a ling! Helloooo! What a delicious quiche! I drive a pink Miata!

As has been well-established on this blog, it is a fact that gay Republicans are hot.

Gay republicans with a conscience are a little less hot, but still pretty damn hot.

A wrenching decision

Sen. Paul Koering felt time had come to announce he is gay, plans to seek re-election as Republican

Koering said he hoped voters would look at his performance during the last two years and conclude that he was a good guy with a good heart. Although he was the only Republican senator to cast a vote against the unsuccessful measure to force a floor vote on the Defense of Marriage Act, he said he continues to staunchly support other core issues he has emphasized in the past.

"I continue to be someone who fights for the unborn," he said.

He said, with three older brothers who are avid hunters, he's a strong supporter of the Second Amendment's right to bear arms.

"I'll never, ever waiver on those issues," Koering said. "I know I'm a Republican and nobody can take that away from me."

Koering said he's always been an independent thinker and has always done what he thought was right. He said he thinks Minnesotans are more interested in good-paying jobs with health benefits than they are with his personal life. [Side note: As an Illinoisian, I'm far more interested in the personal life.]

"Paul Koering has not changed," he said. "I'm still the same Paul Koering I always was."

Koering grew up in the rural St. Mathias community, raising pigs as a young boy and later starting a dairy herd that grew to about 60 cows in 15 years. He said he first knew he was gay when he was about 15 and remembered how difficult it was to share that with his mother, who died two years ago. He described his mother as his best friend.
I want to steal a photo & post it on here, but honestly have no idea how?!? Any help? Richard? Anyone??

Gay republican Sen. Paul Koering is hot?!? Mister, you need to get out more.
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