Friday, September 29, 2006



The most depressing thing about the whole Mark Foley (R-Maf54) fiasco isn't that it shows how narcissistic politicians and some gays can be. Nor the creepiness factor. Nor the unending hypocrisy of the ruling Republican Party. Nor the fact that the Democrats will likely be unable to capitalize on yet another scandal. Nor the fact that we as Americans are far more concerned about sexual morality than we are about FREAKING TORTURE now being official US policy, plus the added benefit of the suspension of habeus corpus and the further legitimization of the practice of warrantless spying on domestic political opponents.

The most depressing thing is realizing that I'm old enough to be the FATHER of that page that the erstwhile Republican Congressman was getting to talk about his masturbatory practices.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


That Iraq Study Group

Just want to point out that the Iraq Study Group has exactly ONE member under the age of 65:

Robert M. Gates, former director of the CIA, current president of Texas A&M University.

Born September 25, 1943 -- he'll turn 63 in 5 days.

7 of the 10 are 70+.

Rudy Giuliani was on it (why exactly?), and he is a spry 62, so I guess that's something.

Nothing against the 65+ among my readership, whom I love dearly, but come on! This was never meant to be a serious commission. What the hell are Ed Meese, Vernon Jordan, Sandy O'Connor, and Lee "the most impotent man alive" Hamilton going to tell us about the situation in Iraq?

You know how I know the whole thing is a big, macabre joke? The first sentence of the ISG's description on it's website:

In light of the importance of Iraq to United States interests and the future of the region, there is urgent need for a bipartisan, forward-looking assessment of the situation in Iraq.

So Alan Simpson and William Perry are now considerend "forward-looking"? I think we all know what it is they're looking forward to, and it's not peace in the Middle East.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Don't impeach!

(my idea for an ad campaign for the Dems for this fall)

Look, we know Bush has broken the law on a number of occasions.

We know he lied to you and to Congress and got us into an unneccessary and bloody war and he still hasn't done what he said he'd do with regard to Osama bin Laden.

His inaction exacerbated the Katrina mess to a degree unthought of before it happened.

He wants America to legalize torture, and a lot of his cronies in Congress seem willing to do just that.

His malfeasance and deriliction of duty is unsurpassed, and more than negligible borders on criminal. The Constition shows us the way to deal with such a situation: impeachment.


We don't believe an impeachment would be practical, we don't believe it would be good for the country, and we definitely don't want President Cheney. So we need your help: We can start holding George Bush accountable for his misdeeds through another way - the ballot box. Vote Democratic in November. Start to turn this country around.


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