Thursday, January 05, 2006


Think about it

I plan to send a version of this letter to Jan Schakowsky (who, by the way, has an awesome post on Congress's War on the War on Christmas). Stolen shamelessly in its entirety from the Loop Supporters of Democracy for America Web site:
The Honorable _____________
U.S. House of Representatives
_____________ Building
Washington, DC _____

Dear Congressman/woman ___________:

As a member of your House District Number __ of , I am writing to request that you provide your full support for House Resolution 635, calling for a Congressional investigation into the misdeeds of the Bush Administration.

For years, I have been deeply troubled by this Administration’s habit of acting with complete disregard for the law, the truth and world opinion. Many of its actions, including lying to Congress to lead us into war, initiating a war in violation of the Constitution and international law, condoning the torture of prisoners or their indefinite incarceration without charges, and wiretapping our citizens without Court authorization, clearly seem to be impeachable offenses. Yet up to now, the Administration has not been held accountable for its crimes by Congress, the media or the people.

That is why I am asking you to support House Resolution 635, which will meet the longstanding need for a Congressional investigation with full subpoena power of Administration misconduct. The need for such an investigation is underscored by the fact that the Administration has brazenly refused to acknowledge, amend or apologize for its past mistakes, declaring its intent, for instance, to proceed indefinitely with illegal wiretapping of American citizens. Worse yet, there are allegations in the mainstream media that the Administration is on the verge of attacking the sovereign state of Iran, again without Constitutionally-required Congressional authority.

As a member of the House of Representatives, you have the opportunity and duty to re-establish Congressional oversight in accordance with the Constitutional principle of the separation of powers. If investigation of the Administration should uncover evidence confirming that it has engaged in illegal acts of any sort, you have the further obligation under your oath office to use that evidence as grounds for impeaching the President, Vice-President and all of their co-conspirators.

I hope that you will abide by your obligations in this time of Constitutional crisis and understand that I, like many other Americans, will not vote for any candidate in the 2006 elections who does not support House Resolution 635.



Yes, regaining Congress will be the single most important thing we can do this year to Stop The Madness. But making as much noise as possible NOW about impeachment is #2.

Not used to writing letters? Actual paper & stamp letters to elected officials? Well, think about it.

Monday, January 02, 2006


ten in ten

For those keeping track, and those mildly curious, your intrepid blogger, having just returned from the Mitten State, has now celebrated 10 consecutive New Years in 10 different states. In order:

1996! Somewheresville, West Virginia
1997! Los Angeles, California
1998! Denver, Colorado
1999! Chicago, Illinois
2000! New Orleans, Louisiana
2001! Nashville, Tennessee
2002! New York, New York
2003! Key West, Florida
2004! Taos, New Mexico
2005! Cannon Beach, Oregon
2006! Saugatuck, Michigan

Ah, only 40 to go. So far they've all been quite memorable in their own ways (for better or worse). When it comes to North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas it may take some serious creativity. Drop any ideas into comments (both for next year and for those "tough to enjoy" states...). Thanks to Don for making this past weekend very special!

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