Thursday, February 24, 2005


Is there no place for the man with the 105 IQ?!

I have found a new place to hang. Forget all them liberal blogs, the ones that out "closeted" Republicans, and the ones who don't like the president's Social Security "plans."

It's gaypatriot.

You can imagine my affinity for that site to be ironic, or mean-spirited, or even a sign of me questioning my values in the face of an intractable onslaught of right-wing rhetoric (not to mention, win after win after win for the GOP) but unfortunately, it mostly boils down to two things: one, it's a place to have an actual discussion rather than a lovefest, and two, as you know, I think gay Republicans are HOTT.

(Sidenote: I've been posting on several of their discussion threads, but all I can do when presented with the one that enthuses over the possibility that Lynn Swann may be running for the governor of Pennsylvania as a Republican is scratch my head. What is there to say? I didn't even know Lynn Swann had positions on issues. I mean, Charles Barkley in Alabama? Sure. But Lynn Swann? Weird.)

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