Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Last day to give for the FEC report

Hey hey!

Long time no blog. If you've stumbled upon here and are so motivated, why not send a few bucks over to Christine Cegelis for Congress? If you give $35.00 or more, drop me a note and you can consider that your ticket to the GO GREEN FOR CHRISTINE event in a couple of weeks!

When Christine goes to the polls for the March 21 Democratic primary, she'll have the luxury of voting for a great candidate for Congress: herself! Unfortunately, one of her opponents will not be able to do the same...

In other news, the Chicago Tribune once again made a fool of itself in its endorsement process. Fresh off it's bizarro endorsement of GWB, the Trib goes for Duckworth in the IL-06 primary! Here's their impeccable logic:

Christine Cegelis, a software engineer, picked up 44 percent of the vote against Hyde in 2004. She's running again. But Democrats have a better candidate in Tammy Duckworth, a veteran of the Iraq war who has fresh and pragmatic views on trade, health care, taxes and other issues. Duckworth was an Army National Guard major when she was grievously injured in Iraq, losing both of her legs. She has some well-considered views on how the U.S. and Iraqis can finish the job there and bring American soldiers home. Duckworth is endorsed over Cegelis and Wheaton College professor Lindy Scott.

Are they sure they didn't mean "funky fresh views"? Hoo boy, I guess "pragmatic" to the Trib means "depends on the audience."

Full disclosure. I brought this lame-ass endorsement on personally. It was published on Monday. Two days earlier, on my way out to the burbs to canvas door-to-door in support of a viable, thoughtful, grassroots candidate, I gave in.

I bought a Chicago Tribune.

It was something I promised myself I would never, ever do after their endorsement of the Worst President Ever. But I was desparate for something to read. Apparently, the gods were watching. And they directed the Editorial Board of the Tribune to write a vacuous, lame, corporatist paragraph that ignores the actual dynamics of the most high-profile race in the state, not to mention actual issues of actual interest to actual voters in the actual district in question. You know, the folks who contributed all of 3% of Duckworth's itemized donations last year.

Sorry, everyone!

For more on the endorsement, check out So-Called Austin Mayor over at Illinoize.

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