Sunday, October 05, 2008


Palin '12

You know, I *just* realized yesterday that Palin is going to almost certainly be running for president in four years. Frank Rich's column today put that thought into my head for the first time.

Walter Mondale lost the VP in 1980, and four years later ran for prez. Dan Quayle lost the VP in 1992 and four years later ran for prez. Joe Lieberman: 2000 lost the race, ran for prez in 2004. John Edwards.

Now, it's true that only one of them got as far as securing the nomination, and that guy didn't do so hot. But none of them had anywhere near the q-rating that Sarah Palin has.

Is it possible that she'll get the nomination? She'll be spending the next two years being mavericky in Alaska, raising money by the fistful, and then begin her campaign at what will likely be the nadir of Obama's presidency. "We tried the smart black guy, let's go with the (still presumably) cute, if not brilliant white lady!" Plus, she's just about the only one on the Republican bench. Who else do they have - Mitt Romney?? Hee. (I guess there's Bobby Jindal, too.)

Wow, it's kind of amazing to contemplate, but almost assuredly will happen - Obama v. Palin in 2012.

Oh and look - lots of other people thought about this well before I did:

Chris Cizilla
The New York Observer
Tote bag (above)

This woman is far too ambitious to settle for VP (just like Obama is). (Note: 2016 is another possibility, in which case I guess it would be Huckabee or Jindal in '12.)

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