Saturday, October 04, 2008



Why do I get the sense that the GOP is more than happy to let Obama win this election, just so he will inherit the increasingly unbelievable mess that is our economy, international standing, environment, infrastructure, and moral well-being? As American empire disintegrates, how nice to blame the fall on the Democrats (particularly one who is America-hating and black and all).

They're just not putting up that much of a real *fight*, from Sean Quinn's account at They're not raising that much money, their ads aren't particularly creative, their Senate candidates are sad (see Schaffer, Bob; Gilmore, Jim). Meanwhile, there's the Rude Pundit's overview of the racist defacing of Obama signs (not to mention the middle school teacher in Florida with his unique take on "CHANGE" as an acronym).

And then, of course, there's Sarah Palin. I guess the word that best describes her to me is indefatigable. Shameless. And it's kind of impossible to tell if she's in on the joke (not that it matters either way -- as Chris Rock would say, she don't give a fuck, in her case what you think about her).

I mean, the Republicans, god love 'em. It's not just that they foisted Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush on us. This is also the party of Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle. And Mitt Romney!!!

Wait, so anyway, I lost focus. Where was I? Oh yeah - they're throwing this damn election because they know the worst is yet to come. I have a bad feeling that President Obama's approval ratings are going to be in the toilet in two years. But I hope his supporters don't give up on what is sure to be a rocky first terms. I have faith that the guy will be able to get things back on the right track by early 2012, and will end his second term with the country in even better shape than it was in 2000. Then, of course, we'll see if America is smart enough to let another Democrat take the reigns, rather than Senator Palin, or Gov. (Jenna) Bush, or (hee hee) Mitt Romney) or whomever...

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