Tuesday, September 30, 2008



The Cell was the place to be the past three days. After two dreadful losses against the Indians - which themselves followed a gut-wrenching sweep at the hands of the hated Twins - the Sox were put in a position where they needed to win three successive games against three different divisional rivals.

With three pitchers each of whom was pitching on three days' rest.

And they did it in the first-ever 1-0 "extra game" in MLB history. And their first 1-0 victory all year.

And during a BLACKOUT.

No, this wasn't *quite* as amazing as what the Rockies were able to accomplish at the end of the 2007 regular season (although if they beat the Rays and somehow win the ALCS, it could be). But given the team dysfunction (Vazquez stinking up the joint against the Indians, Cabrera saying his team didn't care and then not really doing anything to show he did, Swisher dissatisfied with his new role on the bench), how great for Ozzie, Kenny, and (love him or hate him) Jerry, and especially Konerko, Dye, Buehrle, Pierzynski, Uribe, and Jenks. Our holdovers from 2005 gutted out a really, really tough season, and in the end, showed their Sox pride. (Oh, Crede too - wish you had a different agent and better back, brother... Oh, and Contreras!) Thanks to the newcomers Quentin (get well immediately), Ramirez, Cabrera (yes, you), and Floyd, who made this year possible. Congrats to Thome and Griffey, who still have that chance at that elusive ring. Awesome job, Denks, pitching the game of your life at the most crucial time. Swish, Wise, THORNTON, the rest of the shaggy bullpen. It's time to turn it around, and make the next few weeks memorable.

Great job, Sox!

Finally, as much as I've grown to dislike the Cubs, I have to say, it's pretty amazing that both Chicago teams are in the playoffs (for the first time in 102 years, so they say) - while NEITHER New York team is there. (Note: both LA teams are in as well. For what it's worth.) It would be pretty neat to meet in the Series. So long as we win.


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