Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the single funniest thing I have read in a looooong time

After reading what the progressive blogs had to say about McCain's ridiculous decision to suspend his campaign in light of the current financial crisis, I decided I had to check out The Corner, just to see if there was anything they could possibly saying other than "this is the stupidest political gambit of all time, other than naming Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate."

And what do you know, here's Newt Gingrich:
This is the day the McCain-reform Republican Party began to truly emerge as a movement which puts country first, solutions first, and big change first.
as if it weren't also the day that, instead of meeting with economic advisers all day, McCain was actually meeting with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

Newtie then goes on to bash Obama:

It is surprisingly irresponsible and politically dangerous for the Obama campaign to try and insist on a debate Friday night.
as if Obama hadn't been completely blindsided by what is so obviously a gimmick that had a poll up within minutes asking people if they thought it was a gimmick. (The vast majority say yes. Obviously.)

But then there's Jonah Goldberg, who reprints an email from a reader, and then goes on to suggest that this gimmick might in fact be brilliant strategy. He even gives it a name -- "The Grant Gambit":

I think McCain should show up for the debate looking reluctant and disheveled. He could apologize for this condition, saying he had to rush back from doing the nation’s business. He could be like Grant having to apologize to the impeccably dressed Lee at Appomattox for showing up all muddy and in an old private’s coat. There was, after all, a war that needed winning.
Reading this suggestion made me cry. Not out of sorrow at the state of our political discourse, but rather because I was laughing so hard that my tear ducts responded by releasing actual tears of laughter.

So thank you, Jonah, for your part in brightening my day; and thank you, John McCain, for effectively ending the 2008 presidential campaign.

(Note: Perhaps McCain can ask his makeup artist Tifanie White to create this "reluctant and disheveled" look? Would she do it as part of the $5,583 he's already paid her for her services, or would it cost more?)

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