Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Where we go from here, Obama fans

(Note: I originally posted this at Facebook, so this is a cross-post.)

As disappointing as last night was to those of us who were hoping that Obama's miraculous ride would continue unmolested for the next 8 years+, let us remember that there's no such thing as a free ride. Obama - and we - will have to earn what we want to see.

For those urging Barack to go negative on Hillary Clinton, I say that he HAS and will CONTINUE to go negative - in attacking her RECORD. That is not only "politics" - it's making sure people have all the information they need to make a rational, informed choice. What he cannot do is get sucked into the dirty tricks, fear mongering, or politics of personal destruction. The NAFTA memo was an attempt at "gotcha" politics that was WEAK, at best. The "I'll take him at his word that he's not a Muslim" was pathetic. That's the best she's got? I'm good with that.

But we do need to start thinking more strategically, Obama fans, and use those tools we have at our disposal to make sure yesterday was the beginning of the end for the Clinton campaign. Here are my recommendations:

1) STAY POSITIVE. Yes, politics is emotional and we're allowed moments of disappointment. But one of the great things about Obama is that he's a rational person, and level-headed, and cool. We need to be that, too. Even if this election goes to the convention, we will win *if* we are more disciplined, more strategic, and more positive. And if we remained disciplined, strategic, and positive, I have little doubt we will win in November.

2) Get more involved. I personally have taken a long time to do much of anything. I was frankly burned out. But today I'm going to commit to being a DONOR and a VOLUNTEER for the Obama campaign. I urge you to do the same.

3) Wyoming Saturday. Mississippi Tuesday. Pennsylvania in April. Indiana and North Carolina May 6. Plus there's West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico. Then there are possible re-votes in Florida and Michigan. Obama needs good showings in most of these states - at least six (preferably eight) wins, and close to tied delegates in any loss. DO NOT WRITE PENNSYLVANIA OFF AS A CLINTON WIN YET!!!

What can you do to make this happen? Assuming this goes to Indiana, I pledge to make a trip there to help out in April. Anyone want to come with?

4) Superdelegates. Barack's website has a tool allowing you to tell your story" to a superdelegate". I suggest going one better. Make personal contact with a superdelegate that you have a connection to - whether committed or not. I will be contacting Carol Ronen (my former state senator, currently listed as uncommitted). I will explain to her why I think that Obama is the best candidate for this state, party and nation. I will not make threats or be negative. I will THANK her for taking her responsibility seriously and for supporting this party that I belong to and trust. I will urge her to declare for her home-state Senator, Barack Obama. 2008 Democratic Convention Watch has a list of pledged and unpledged delegates. Time to lobby, friends.

Okay, that's it. I am hoping for the best and preparing to work to help achieve it. I hope you'll join me!


Jonathan, that's one of the best political messages I've ever seen you write. You rock. Harder every year. It's truly a pleasure.
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