Thursday, March 13, 2008


What Clinton is doing

It's called "framing."

The point is, Clinton desperately wants us to believe, black people vote for Barack Obama, and white people vote for Hillary Clinton.

That's the entire point of all of this. From Bill Clinton's comments in South Carolina to the Ferraro misery.

Repeat after me: black people vote for Barack Obama. White people vote for Hillary Clinton.

Easy as pie! And it has worked: Time gets it! "Obama Win Defined by Race" The article, naturally, makes no mention of Wyoming.

Way to go, Hillary (and Bill)!

You must be so proud.

Update: Geraldine Ferraro in 2006:
“I think it’s more realistic for a woman than it is for an African-American,” said Ms. Ferraro. “There is a certain amount of racism that exists in the United States — whether it’s conscious or not it’s true.”

But I thought she was shocked SHOCKED that anyone would accuse her of pandering to racists.

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