Thursday, August 10, 2006


in the meantime...

No desire to link to either of them, but Andy Sullivan posted today strongly agreeing with the National Review's Stanley Kurtz that basically says we're completely screwed w/r/t the Middle East until (1) we preemptively go to war against Iran or (2) we fight it out with Iran ... NUCLEAR style.

The only difference between Kurtz & Sullivan is that Kurtz thinks Muslims are absolutely implacable:

Compromise and settlement have been ruled out from the start by a pervasive ideology, an ideology that is a product of the underlying inability to reconcile Islam with modernity.

while Sully thinks Muslims are only really, really, really implacable but possibly can save themselves, but until they wake up and smell the coffee, a whole lot of them are gonna, sniff, die:

Until the Arab Muslim world lets go of its refusal to embrace modernity and its rigid, honor-bound defense of the most extreme version of Islam, we will have to fight a long grueling war, in which I fear some nuclear or WMD exchange is inevitable.

In other words, this is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me.

[Actually, there is one other difference, and that is that Sullivan talks about the "Arab Muslim" world, while Kurtz talks about the entire Muslim world. Of course, Iran is primarily non-Arab but hell, why quibble when the POINT is that they are backward and have no legitimate claims, and we are forward and care about human life, so let's [sniff] get back to warrin'.]

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