Thursday, August 17, 2006


from Eschaton comments section

You know conspiracy theory paranoia is running high when some dude in Atrios' comments section has the same basic theory about the JonBenet nattering that I do:

NBC Nightly News tonite devoted
30 seconds to the court that ruled
Chimpy's warrantless wiretaps were
unconstituional, and four minutes
to the Mystery of Jon Benet.

My friend's thought is that the dude who confessed just wanted to get the heck out of Thailand, if only for awhile (flown over on Nancy Grace's private jet, natch ... suddenly Ms. Grace rockets back to prominance!).

Hey, so, did they ever figure out what happened to Lieberman's Web site on Election Day and Election Day Eve?

Speaking of Lieberman, John Gibson is a douche:

I called [those who supported Ned Lamont] the Pol Pots of the far left, the Khmer Rouge. I said they wanted a mountain of skulls. People said I was being excessive.

Perhaps, but no more excessive that the braying lefties screeching at any war supporters, I thought.

You know how Lieberman keeps trashing the Democrats and excessive partisanship, but never (still) seems to have the strength to go after the Republicans? And how he always seems to end up having jocular conversations with the likes of Don Imus and Sean Hannity? Just remember the above quote from Gibson, seethe, and do whatever you can to get some Democrats elected.

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