Saturday, July 01, 2006


What I learned from "Hardball"

I read over the transcript of Friday's Hardball and came away with a few lessons:

1) There is no doubt in my mind that the latest New York Times revelation about the "secret bank program" was nothing more than a piece of black ops -- someone in this administration used the Times to get this relatively tame piece published so that they could go on a week+ long binge about how the media, the Times in particular, was an enemy of freedom and that this administration was doing everything it could to protect America and fight the terrorists and we'd be doing a hell of a lot better job if the elite media would just back of A LITTLE and let us do our jobs, damnit!!!! And while we don't agree necessarily with those who say the media should be LOCKED UP and perhaps EXECUTED for treason, because we can't imagine they're actually friends of the terrorists, you have to admit it's interesting to note that they must have TALKED to the terrorists and how they got the phone number for the terrorists, well, hmmm! It's just interesting.

2) The fact that the Times fell for it, and not for the first time, is remarkable. They are not smart or they are so in league with the administration that they don't mind getting punked. You only have to look at the full-court press by the right on this, and the way Matthews framed his questions to Nicolle Wallace, to know that this entire anti Times campaign is being fully orchestrated by the powers that be inside the White House. But they keep getting away with it and our institutional memory is apparently zero so we never connect the dots on how they do it. And Chris Matthews' little wink wink bizzarro converation with Ms. Wallace (who loves her job as a professional liar and says things like "Oh, Chris, we‘re well beyond tricks, and certainly, you know...") is so insidery gross that I can't believe he has one actual viewer. He's gross.

2a) When Nicolle Wallace says "This should be a very seriously and calm and orderly discussion about a free press." what she really means is "Suckers! Now we never have to talk again about how the administration has violated laws, is eroding civil liberties, or anything else again because the conversation is about one thing and one thing only! Whether the New York Times hates America or not. Heh heh." And Chris Matthews thinks that's peachy, except maybe a little Antisemitic.

3) Apparently liberal pundits are dumb, because they never mention the fact that the prisoners in question in the recent Hamdan decision are just that, prisoners, and to call them "terrorists" even though hundreds have been released from Guantanemo because they obviously were NOT "terrorists" is a mockery of what this country is supposed to stand for. We had to wait for the JAG at the end to explain that one to us.

4) Apparently liberal pundits are dumb, because to this day they fail to realize that on shows like these, everything that comes out of the mouths of a Kate O'Beirne or Michael Smerconish is in service of the right wing machine, and that Chris Matthews' only job is to facilitate their ability to service said machine, and that they can either point that out at every opportunity or make sure that every one of the words that comes out of their mouths must be in service to a liberal machine, but that their hedging on issues, agreeing on formulations, and playing nice with someone who would say that the US Supreme Court was trying to create a god damned "treaty" with god damned al Qaeda is just not effective.

5) To Chris Matthews, everything is a joke, because everything is really just about how people are trying to position themselves in terms of the next election or the election after that. He represents the height of cynicism and does not have an ounce of integrity in his body. The idiots going after Jon Stewart for making people cynical about politics only need to watch one half minute of Hardball to realize what's really going on.

6) I think the transcriber is a cool person, because of this:

7) Republicans are going to use the Hamdan decision, which few of them really care about, to try to win the election. Democrats are NOT going to use the Hamdan decision, which many of us do really care about, to try to win the election.

8) There are actually people out there who say things like this:
"SMERCONISH: I think most people look at these issues and say keep your nose clean and you really don‘t have to be concerned with this."

9) Seriously, this person has no interest in engaging in discussion, learning about issues, informing other people about what's at stake with these issues. And yet he gets a seat at the table.

10) Chris Matthews has started referring to the segment featuring his panel of pundits as "Hardbrawl." It really is all a joke to him.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all! READ THIS and light a sparkler or two...

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