Monday, May 08, 2006


Caracas is damn large

Okay, I have 9 minutes and 23 seconds to post, and I'm not sure what I want to post about. Well, frankly, I would like to show photos from my ongoing trip to Venezuela but that would require, like, emailing them to myself and it all seems like too much of a hassle.

Mi padre and I arrived late late late Friday -- actually early Saturday -- into the Caracas airport, due to a 4 hour plane delay caused by the incoming plane not making it out of Belize for a long time. No matter, we hadn't planned to do much Friday anyway. We had a driver there with my name on a card, and he zipped us to the Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental. We've been here 3 nights now, and tomorrow morning will be off on a flight to Maturin, where another driver will pick us up for a 2-hour drive to Boca de Urucao or something like that, where we'll stay at the Orinoco Delta Lodge. That should be quite exciting.

So far we've done some walking, some shopping, took a cable car (teleferico) to the top of Mt. Avila where it was raining but we could still see the city, and on the way down we met Louis, of Venezueland descent but American from Miami, who was the first American we've seen so far.

Eaten some decent food, took a tennis lesson from Rainer, a German-Venezuelan pro, swam in the luxurious pool, eaten more, had a bout of my stomach not getting along with something, saw the house where El Libertador (bolivar) was born and some squares and museums & stuff. Managed to avoid any kidnapping so far. But the night is young.

Actually, it's early to bed tonight I think - our flight is at like 7:40 a.m. Again, wish I could post pictures. It's very cool here. Huge city. Damn large. Dangerous, apparently, but full of life and cool people.

Sta Luego!

Sounds adventureous! Can't wait to see the photos, but I wouldn't worry about not having been able to post them while on the trip. Too much work. You should be having fun!

So glad to hear the update.

~~Continued good voyages~~
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