Monday, January 02, 2006


ten in ten

For those keeping track, and those mildly curious, your intrepid blogger, having just returned from the Mitten State, has now celebrated 10 consecutive New Years in 10 different states. In order:

1996! Somewheresville, West Virginia
1997! Los Angeles, California
1998! Denver, Colorado
1999! Chicago, Illinois
2000! New Orleans, Louisiana
2001! Nashville, Tennessee
2002! New York, New York
2003! Key West, Florida
2004! Taos, New Mexico
2005! Cannon Beach, Oregon
2006! Saugatuck, Michigan

Ah, only 40 to go. So far they've all been quite memorable in their own ways (for better or worse). When it comes to North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas it may take some serious creativity. Drop any ideas into comments (both for next year and for those "tough to enjoy" states...). Thanks to Don for making this past weekend very special!

I can't believe there aren't a thousand comments here.
A good time had by all.
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