Friday, December 02, 2005


Friday semen blogging

A keeper from's "trend" columnist:

HAVE YOU ever suspected your man of cheating but not been able to prove it?

If so, there's a kit that's just been introduced that claims to help suspicious spouses gather "scientific" evidence of whether their mate has been sexually active. It's called the Tru-test Home Evidence Collection Kit and retails for $79.95.

It comes with an ultraviolet light that allows you to detect invisible bodily fluid samples on bedsheets or clothing. You can either conduct the analysis yourself or mail what you've gathered back to the company for analysis.


John Mayoue, an Atlanta-based divorce attorney who serves as a commentator on high-profile celebrity cases, pointed out that people are better off relying on tried and true methods.

"I'm not discounting [the kits], but I think the old-fashioned way tends to be more effective and that is looking at e-mails, credit- card receipts and cell-phone records," he said. "That tends to be how we catch people traditionally."

Besides, "how often are you going to find semen on your spouse?"

Hold on, isn't this just the same thing as the MTV show where a girl goes through three prospective mates' rooms looking for semen stains and pubic hairs with some sort of kit? Sorry, Jenice, this is not a new trend if it's already been MTV'd like 3 years ago. No worries, though. You're a fine columnist, it seems. I like your spunk!

for the record, jonathan, that's an equal opportunity show and guys go through girls rooms and sometimes guys go through guys rooms too! i've never seen a lesbian version yet though...
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