Sunday, October 09, 2005



All in all, it's been a pretty damn good week. Hate to turn this into a diary, but there seems to be a weird stasis in the world right now, and even though big things seem afoot, this blogger finds himself (I love writing in the third person) without a fulcrum around which to frame a post. Plus I was busy, meaning I missed my first Friday semen blogging in some time.

So in short order, we'll just hand out some game balls:

- To Mark (5:58:54), Peter (3:51:13), Megan (4:57:07), hell even Cody (5:28:46), and the other tens of thousands of people to complete today's Chicago Marathon. Damn. I watched from my old haunt on the south side, and cheered my little lungs out. I don't care if people crawled the whole way, I don't care if they STILL haven't finished, what an impressive display of guts and fortitude. Yay, y'all!

- To the ChiSox, not only winning their first postseason series since WWI (note the single I there), not only defeating the defending world champions, not only doing so in one of the most daunting venues in sport, but in a sweep. Between El Duque, Uribe, AJP, Paulie, Contreras, Iguchi, Jenks, Pod, Guillen, Rowand, and Kenny Williams, it's honestly quite difficult to name a most valuable player of the series. But that's how the team was all year. No one player stood above all others, all were willing to put it all out there all season long. But, however great this is, it means nothing without that next step. Get to the World Series, boys.

- To the singularly brilliant cartoonist who came up with this gem.

- To Christine Cegelis, who knocked out her most significant primary challenger this week. She's got a good organization, a great message, and a good chance to pull off something historic next year. If you haven't done so yet, shake out your pockets and donate. Hell, even if you have already, why not toss an extra few her way for the hell of it. She done good. (And don't forget, Tom DeLay's troubles are Peter Roskam's troubles).

- Finally, and most importantly, to the big guy, for making it through an unusually long hospital stay, losing at least a few pounds between organ removal and no meatloaf in his diet, and recovering strong. Onward, young man, to Brasil!

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