Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hey, No-Shavey! What's with the beard?

My beard is gettin' itchy. And do you know why??? I have decided not to shave until some indictments are handed down.

I'm not greedy. It doesn't have to be Cheney. It doesn't even have to be Rove. It don't gotta be for outing a CIA agent or leaking classified information. But this has been going on too long, and touches on too many important issues, and there are too many creeps & criminals involved for this to end up with a big zero. And far more importantly, there has been too little accountability over the past 5 years due, in part, to the fact that this administration and its bootlickers in Congress haven't had to deal with anything as solid as a conviction. So the obfuscation, the media complicity, and the BS fake investigations (or non-investigations) have been able to continue with no real actual blowback.

I think an indictment of an administration official, combined with the fact that they'll no longer be able to say "we won't comment on an ongoing investigation" (or, after a conviction, "...on an ongoing criminal case") means we might finally, finally be able to get some satisfaction.

And hopefully that will come this week.

Because my beard really does itch. And I ain't shaving until I get an indictment.

Or the White Sox win the World Series. Whichever comes first.

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