Friday, October 28, 2005


Friday semen blogging

I can't believe I haven't posted on this before, but according to a Google blog search, I sure haven't! Anyway, here's the story:

Judge used 'penis pump' during murder case

Sep 26 2005


A US judge will go on trial today charged with three counts of indecent exposure after allegedly masturbating using a “penis pump” while presiding over a murder case.

Witnesses claim they could hear the noise of the device coming from beneath the robes of Donald Thompson as he sat on the bench.

The 58-year-old former district judge had served at Creek County Court, Oklahoma, where he was charged, for 22 years.

The sex toy will be presented as evidence during the trial.


He is accused of using the pump during two murder trials and a civil case in 2003.

Jurors claim they heard what sounded like a bicycle pump or blood-pressure pump.

One "heard 'a swooshing kind of air, like kind of ch, ch' and saw Thompson making some movement with his upper body and arms," according to documents filed by the state attorney general.


According to an affidavit, a court-ordered DNA sample confirms the fluids found in his old courtroom and office were semen.

Judge C Allen McCall has not yet decided whether jurors will get to hear Ms Foster’s audio recording.

So apparently in Wales, semen is considered plural? Or was that just a mistake?

Anyway, the trial is still apparently going on. The defense attorneys are saying the court reporter was a pot smoker and thus ... hears swooshing sounds randomly?

Anyway, there you are. Have a great weekend! Happy Halloween and Fall Backwards day!

It wasn't the semen that was plural in that sentence construct, it was the fluids. And you definitely have NOT posted that story before. That story, I would definitely remember. :-)
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