Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Vote for Cegelis NOW! And pass it on...

Please pass this message on to anyone you think might be interested...

Democracy for America is hosting an online vote to determine
which congressional candidate will receive their first national
endorsement of 2006. The vote is open to all challengers and
open seat candidates. The candidate with the most votes at the
end of balloting will receive a DFA-List endorsement and a
national e-mail from DFA's Chair Jim Dean.

Vote for Christine Cegelis at the DFA site.

The first round of voting closes on Saturday at 5:00 pm Eastern
Time. We need to finish in the top 10 to make the final round
next week.

Anyone can vote -- you don't have to be a DFA member or live in
her district or even in Illinois. Taking control of the U.S.
House from the Republicans in 2006 must be a NATIONAL priority,
and IL-06 is one of our few open seats!

I MEAN IT! PASS IT ON!!! This is the sort of thing that could vault Cegelis' candidacy, among activists, donors, voters, and the media significantly higher. Earlier today I saw she sat at #3 in the "standings" but she's already moved up in the few hours since I last checked! So we have to keep the votes coming - this is winnable...

YFI, DFA did great work in helping Paul Hackett almost pull off a miracle in Ohio. This is an easy way to help Cegelis take that next step! (Oh, and leave a comment after you do vote...)

[On a related note, Christine Cegelis was the only political candidate I'm aware of who joined Cindy Sheehan in any of her vigils in Illinois. Christine is a person of conscience and conviction, and I'm proud to help her in whatever way I can. Here's the story.]

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