Friday, September 23, 2005


Friday semen blogging

I just thought this was kind of funny (note: subscription needed):

Kenya's test-tube baby still on course

Publication Date: 9/22/2005

Kenya will in the next few weeks know whether it can celebrate her first test-tube baby.

Ten months since the first test-tube baby clinic was opened in Nairobi the gynaecologist in charge, Dr Joshua Noreh, says the first success case will be confirmed by next month. So far, Dr Noreh says he has treated about 20 women, "but there have been complications, in any case 10 months is too short to determine the efficacy of this technology."


One obstacle in IVF treatment in Kenya, says Dr Noreh, is the limitation of facilities. "There is no reliable sperm bank in the country which is a prerequisite for the success of an IVF programme. I only treat couples but not single women and they must produce their own semen for insemination. This is a costly affair since we import all the machinery and even sometimes we have to send the semen abroad for tests before insemination."

Don't ask me why. It's Banned Books Week starting tomorrow and we're all a little crazy.

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