Tuesday, August 16, 2005


a third of the way there!!!

So how did I celebrate my one-third-of-a-century birthday on Monday?

I learned about RSS!

So very exciting, except I'm not sure exactly what the hell it is that I learned. I know that I'm supposed to love the whole concept of a news aggregator, but I will have to slowly adapt, I think, because between google alerts and just having all my main sites in my cache, I really don't feel like I'm missing out on THAT MUCH right now. But now that I'm in the middle phase of my life (assuming I die on April 15, 2072, which hey could happen) I figure I should accept what people tell me to do when it comes to learning new technologies.

So I just added a link (see the last of the LINKS on the right) and now you too can get hour-by-hour updates on the status of Selfish Hedonist. From what I understand, if you don't already have an aggregator set up, go to Bloglines, set up an account, then click on "My Feeds" then "Add" then enter selfishhedonist in the space after the big B and click on Blogspot user and then click on Subscribe! Bloglines will then troll this site once an hour, and so you can just go to Bloglines every so often, and there will be a number in parentheses after Selfish Hedonist, and that will be the number of posts you've missed! Click on that and you can see what I've posted since you last checked.

Or something like that.

Anyhoo, there's so much I've been wanting to post on recently, but with all the hullaballoo over my big 33 1/3rd birthday extravaganza, there just hasn't been time. But stay tuned, and you just may see some posts about Lynne Cheney, Jack Chick, Margaret Thatcher, and other Happy Things!

In the meantime, go here and sign. Should you so desire. (Hat tip to bambam.)

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