Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Happy post #2

Oh happy day!

You know, I was worried today, after reading about the America Supports You Freedom Walk (on September 11! Sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Subway!! Entertainment by Clint Black!!!) and Focus on the Family's pushing of reparative therapy for four-year-olds homos (featuring square peg treatment!!!!) that my happy blogness would be short lived. I mean, knowing that this stuff is a prominent part of our mainstream body politic, how can there be any hope in the world? And that doesn't even count the remarkable success of the mother loving Dukes of Hazzard movie.

But then I went to the Cegelis for Congress Meetup (hey, go register right this minute) tonight and remembered: I'm actively involved in a campaign that is all about goodness and light, progression and puppy dogs! And overcoming the Republican stranglehold on the aforementioned body politic.

And guess what: there's someone else who knows that this campaign is one to be reckoned with. Yup, that's right! The Honorable Henry Hyde!

Hyde endorses Roskam

Hyde also shed more light on his decision not to run again when his term ends next year. When he defended the seat last fall, challenger Christine Cegelis won 44 percent of the vote against him--the closest any Democrat had come against him since he first won the seat in 1974.

The district includes northeastern DuPage along with parts of Cook County. It has changed demographically over the years, but Hyde, who has been hampered by declining health including a sore back, said he believes that "properly campaigned"--with public appearances and knocking on doors--"this is a Republican district and will continue to be."

"I did none of that last time because I physically couldn't," he said. "I think the vote totals showed that. ... I didn't want to risk the 6th District going to a Democrat."

Oh, Henry! Keep talkin' like that my fiend I MEAN FRIEND! IL-06 is a-changin' and Cegelis has the mojo to take it.

Speaking of Christine, for those of you wondering why I spend so much time & energy volunteering for her campaign, check out this interview with the ePluribus media folks. She's bright, passionate, devoted to good policy and her district ... the complete opposite of the empty suits that populate so much of our political landscape. Seriously, the interview is a must-read. GO NOW!!!

You, like me, will find your happy place.

I am glad you are enroute to your happy place. I hope the trip doesn't take too long.
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