Monday, July 25, 2005



I don't care how much Joementum Lieberman likes John Roberts ... I am 100% opposed to him joining the U.S. Supreme Court, and I hope Obama & Durbin filibust his ass. I don't care that some Republican called him one of our most brilliant judges after, what, two years on the bench. I don't care that we're supposed to defer to the president as a rule on his appointments, given the fact that he wouldn't even be president if the overly conservative Supreme Court hadn't voted him in, and given that all political precedent has been shot to hell by the GOP over the past 10 years. Here are my top 5 reasons for opposing him, and I'm hoping you will join me in asking your Senators to oppose him as well:

5) What's this about forgeting he was a Federalist Society member? That's bizarre. I really hate the Federalist Society, by the way, especially Ted Olson.

4) Ruling to protect the minutes & attendance of Cheney's energy meeting in 2001, which I believe would have shone a huge light on either the administration's connection with Enron, or the California energy crisis, or the war in Iraq, or our relationship with the Taliban pre-9/11. Or all of the above. I really hated that decision.

3) Because I don't want us to give in to their "just give (insert freaky right-winger appointment here) a fair up-or-down vote!" rhetoric. Translation: hearings and exercise of minority party prerogatives are UNAMERICAN! WHY DO YOU HATE THE TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!???!!!

2) No way do I trust this guy on Roe v. Wade. No fucking way.

1) He voted to deny due process to the suspected terrorists we've got locked up in Guantanamo. Any attorney, let alone judge, who doesn't have total and unerring dedication to the basics of due process, habeus corpus, and that good stuff does not deserve a seat at Denny's let alone on the Supreme Court.

Hey, aren't you proud of me that I didn't even mention his role in the recount in 2000? And how I will go to my urn maintaining that that was the worst political event in my lifetime, worse than the Watergate break-in, worse than the coverup of the Watergate break-in, worse than Iran-contra, worse than Clinton sticking that cigar in an intern's treasure box, worse than Rush Limbaugh becoming an ESPN football analyst and an NBC election analyst, worse than the use of the Iraq war to secure the 2002 elections, worse than Arnold being elected governor, worse than Alan Keyes "moving" to Illinois, and thus that every single person involved in working that little shell game should be relegated to the dustbin of fucking history??

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