Friday, July 01, 2005


Friday semen blogging

This article from the Age in Australia requires a subscription, but if you go to Google News and search for "semen pocket" you should be able to find it right away.

It's a little ... cheeky, certainly not what you'd expect in a family paper of any sort, but funny nonetheless. It's a review of a TV special on ... well, I'll just say it. It's about the penis. In fact it's called The Search for the Perfect Penis.

The most interesting fact I learned from the review of the show is the following:

By the age of 60 a man will have produced between 35 and 60 litres of semen, one teaspoon at a time, containing 350-500 billion sperm cells.

60 litres! (Or, as we say in the States, liters.) That is far too much semen to contemplate, even for a semen blogger.

I will ignore the next factoid, about how sperm is not fattening, because it's simply unseemly.

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