Saturday, June 18, 2005



There's an excellent post today over at Whiskey Bar discussing just how much like a TV show this war is. The Bush folks know that disinformation is this administration's real raison d'etre, that he never would be in office in the first place without the fake pictures (think the Crawford ranch), lies about his positions (e.g. Social Security) and wordgames. That's why Karen Hughes and Karl Rove are the two most important figures in this country right now.

Every administration, every politician, ever corporation, every nonprofit, every lobbyist understands that it's all in the pictures - preferably the TV pictures. So it's our job to see beyond those pictures, to be able to understand what other agendas are at work, and hopefully, to use that information wisely. And it's especially important in a world in which terrorism is such a frightening reality that there be at least some substance behind the PR. Right now, I'm not sure there is. It's all mythmaking. Perhaps the president's drooping approval ratings are a sign that people want something more. Perhaps.

Read Billmon's entire post, but here's my favorite paragraph:

Looking at the episodes mentioned by Bernhard, I'd say the Pentagon is in some danger of overdoing it. There appear to be enough "top Al Qaeda aides" in Iraq to fill Shea Stadium. Zarqawi's inner circle alone would probably take up the entire upper deck. This is not only bad news, but bad storytelling. Shit, the way things are going, I wouldn't be too surprised if some day soon Centcom announces it's captured the Joker and the Riddler, and is hard on the trail of the Penguin. Is it any wonder the ratings are down?

If only...

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