Sunday, June 26, 2005



Today is the pride parade in Chicago. While I will miss it, I would like to thank this opportunity to wish everyone the happiest of all Prides, and remember, we still have a long way to go. Want proof? Check out this article:

Residents want gay publications out of libraries

... featuring these greatest hits:

"I’m angry about this," he said. "As a heterosexual male, I can’t get a copy of Playboy at the library. What’s next? Pornographic, homosexual DVDs available to check out?

and of course:

"I would feel the same way about a woman and man kissing," he said. "This material is a ticking time bomb — there is no one standing around it, watching who picks it up."

and we can't forget the greatest of all:

"I’m not opposed to any type of lifestyle. Just don’t throw it in my face."

Hope everyone takes an opportunity today to symbolically throw something in this guy's face.

So I guess the $100,000 wedding this asshole throws for his daughter isn't throwing it in anyone's face, eh?

I would like a rundown of what exactly would constitute "throwing in face." Actually throwing up on his face? Because I may want to do that.
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