Sunday, June 19, 2005



Hey there SelfHed-fans!

We are almost to June 30, the reporting deadline for campaign contributions for this quarter. That means NOW is the time to contribute to Christine Cegelis for Congress, if you haven't done so already. With a good showing this quarter, Christine will be able to firmly establish herself as the frontrunner in the Dem primary and as a threat to win the general in District 6.

You can either give $20.06 (or more) through the "GCCC" (Grassroots for Christine Cegelis for Congress), which I've been working with; or give directly through Christine's Web site.

As Christine says:

In 2004, I put everything on the line to fight for what I believe in — to keep the doors of opportunity open. I'm continuing that fight. I am running for Congress and I intend to win. I'm honored to ask you again for your support so I can work to bring back American jobs and the educational opportunities that are the heart of the American dream — to the 6th district, to Illinois, and to America.

So GIVE GIVE GIVE! And by the way, here's a photo of me & the candidate & other supporters at the Rose Parade in Roselle...


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