Sunday, June 26, 2005


blow. hard.

Have I ever mentioned that I once did a radio interview in Denver with Clifford May, on the issue of the gays and the marriage? This was back in 1998 or so, well before the gays and the marriage started destroying civilization in places like Massachusetts, where the chaos is such that children are no longer allowed outside, entire villages have been razed, and a Mormon Republican has taken over as governor. Anyway, he was a blowhard then and is a blowhard now:

On Wolf Blitzer’s show today Sen. Ted Kennedy said that the focus must stay on al-Qaeda.

There is only on place in the world where al-Qaeda is killing people virtually every day.

That place is Iraq -- from which, Kennedy would like to retreat.

Yeah, Kennedy's a stupid idiot for not wanting to stay the course in a situation in which more terrorist attacks occur on a daily basis than perhaps ever before in human history.

Does he realize how stupid he sounds? I mean, let's face it. The number of terrorists in Iraq is increasing at a faster rate than we're killing them (and they're killing themselves). At what point does this become an untenable situation? We have HELPED "AL QAEDA" GROW IN POWER OVER THE PAST 2+ YEARS! Got that? Our actions have helped INCREASE TERRORISM in the world!!!! And it's not like we haven't tried different tactics. We've evacuated and bombed entire cities. We've tried torture. We've tried elections. We've tried talking to them (so much for not negotiating with terrorists). We've established curfews, checkpoints everywhere, media control... and yet the terrorists are still at it, unabated.

You know the GOP is in trouble when they start pointing to the massive number of terrorist attacks in Iraq in order to criticize a Democrat for having a nonsensical Iraq policy.

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