Friday, May 20, 2005


Friday semen blogging

Next week might be a bit slow for the jakester, since I'll be away from a computer until Thursday, but there's always my co-blogger Richard to look forward to, plus you can take the time to read some of the back-postings...

Anyway, on to what everyone has been waiting for (with a bonus girl-semen (named here "go-go juice") addition). This one is germane to previous Fridays due to the discussion of the "urban myths" that seem to live up to reality, at least, our current mediated reality:

Generation XXX: The Taste Below the Waist

1. Females describe semen:

"Ajax cleaner"
"maybe salty"
"smells like Ajax, I no longer buy Ajax because of it. Instead I buy Mr. Clean, it's perfumed."
"thick Clorox"
"rancid Elmer's glue"
"tastes and smells like Brie cheese"


4. Males describe vaginal secretions:

"Like the ocean."
"Have you ever put your tongue on the end of a battery? Like an alkaline battery."
"Like electricity, when you put a pop top from a soda can between your braces."
"Like semen (salty), but better. Zesty."

Never let it be said that this blog was tasteless.

P.S. Since I'll have forgotten about it by next week, I hope everyone takes the chance to see Palindromes, by semen-indetified filmmaker Todd Solondz. A bitter, sweet, aching meditation on love, acceptance, and family. Not to be missed.

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