Monday, April 18, 2005


With $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things!

Okay, I promise ... PROMISE ... this is the last blogging on gay republicans for a long, long time. Promise.

But, ladies and others of the jury, let me point you to Exhibit F on hotness:

Gay Republicans Soldier On, One Skirmish at a Time

Check out the pic of Arthur Finkelstein. Sure, he is, by all accounts, a heinous awful horrific man, who will take money from Jessie Helms and then marry his gay homosexual lover. But how cute was he back in 1983??

As for the rest of the article, let me just say that it bizarrely neglects the pink elephant sitting in the room of what should be any discussion of gay republicans - that of money. It quotes Martin Duberman as saying "A number of gay people approve of the administration because they are militaristic, they are jingoistic, and they may have grown up in fundamentalist families," but I
know plenty of gay republicans and most of them are so because they have an interest in lower taxes, less regulation, and have little obvious need for the social safety net. All other aspects of modern-day Republicanism - the theocratic intrusion of church into state, the solipsistic militaristic "patriotism," the hostility to non-traditional families and recreational sex, the fetishization of guns - are either secondary or completely overlooked in their decision on what party to affiliate with.

UPDATED TO ADD: Okay, one last gay Republican. If that one were alive today, he'd probably have some interesting thoughts on the the whole gay master/slave thing.

Cute in 1983...hmmmmm, let me sleep on this one.
Solipsistic? I had to look that one up, and that's rare. Kudos on introducing me to a new word.

On the other hand, what are you, some kind of philosophy major? A brief visit to Wikipedia, and I've found that is a majorly heavy topic
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