Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Hey Lenny, lets say you pull a thorn out of the Pope's butt and he grants you one wish. What'll it be?

So. About the Pope. I know the body's barely even cool yet, and it's completely inappropriate to say things that are disrespectful. But.

The guy called gay marriage part of an "ideology of evil." That's strong words. It is, in my mind, singlehandedly enough to counteract his tearing down of Communism. None of us is perfect, but why the hell am I supposed to put up with that kind of crap? Even if that were his only misstep in his entire 26 year career, I would still reserve the right to despise him. Gays have it tough enough without the Pope leading the charge against us.

But it's not all. He allowed his archbishops here in the U.S. to threaten to deny Kerry communion, thus affecting the election and possibly tipping the scales for Bush. And although he may have disapproved of the Iraq war, he did more to stop the dissemination of contraceptives in the Third World than he ever did to stop that damn thing.

But whatever. He was one man and all of us - Catholics, American voters, Senators - need to take responsibility for our own actions. The Pope, president, etc. only have as much power as we give them.

In any case, my two questions related to the Pope:

1) How long will it be before someone SOMEWHERE blames the Pope's death on "liberal, activist judges"?

2) Who gets the Popemobile?

Liberal, activist US court judges are responsible for all the world's evils, and the next pope gets the popemobile.
I am monitoring e-bay for the Popemobile. Just bidding on that would bring me closer to G*D.
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