Thursday, March 17, 2005


They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked

Let's hope the quote in the title is an accurate description of Farleigh Dickinson tonight. And then Texas or Nevada on Saturday. And then Bama/UWM/BC/Penn in Rosemont next Thursday. Then continuing on for various teams other than Illinois through the finals of the NCAA tournament in April. Why? Because I have $13 (in two pools) riding on the Illini being national champs! I know it's a fool's bet, and few others are taking a chance on this underperforming group, but I have a hunch they'll do just fine.

In terms of upsets today, I picked Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Alabama, UCLA over Texas Tech, and UAB over LSU. I also picked Nevada over Texas but that's an 8-9 situation so ... whatever.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Go kill a snake in honor of Irish Jesus!

So far so good, folks! I'm 7 for 8 in both pools, putting me in first place in one and ... well, I don't know in the other one. It's helped that there's only been ONE upset, which I picked in both pools (UWM over Bama). Since I have more money, and know more people, in the WCAA pool, I need to be rooting for LSU to beat UAB tonight. But I'm not too confident in that one, which is why I picked UAB in my original bracket.

Also important: a UCLA upset of Texas Tech and Gonzaga beating Winthrop. A Nevada win over Texas would be nice. And of course, Illinois needs to win.

Okay, today is D-Day, in terms of whether I'm still in it after the first round - in either pool - or whether it's time to stop caring and focusing on world peace. Stupid sports, mollifying the masses.

Anyway, in the cheap pool, I'm doing well, having only missed two picks so far. That's the one I have Illinois beating Duke for the national championship, with Florida & Ga. Tech in the Final Four.

In the expensive pool, I'm in "eleventh" place, which isn't so good. And today is the day I have lots of mixed picks - Wisconsin in one, Northern Iowa in another; Vermont in one, Syracuse in another. The big one is the Florida/Ohio game. That one will determine where I put my focus for the rest of the tourney.

In any case, go Gophers! They're one of the few picks today I have consistent in both brackets...
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