Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Internet! Is that thing still around?

Two extremely important things for you to spend work hours taking a look at:

First, find out where your surname, and those of your friends and enemies, ranks according to Social Security records, in the U.S.

This can be great fun at dinner parties (if you and your friends are socially inept), as a way to fight the crippling effects of getting eight hours of sleep, or in lieu of getting exercize or reading a newspaper. For those too lazy to click, please note that out of over 50,000 surnames, Gay ranks #818; Dyke is #5,157; Straight is #7,883. There are more Whites (#15) than Blacks (#150). Rodriguez at #14 is the most common hispanic surname

West (#107) is better than North (#1,726), East (#2,320), or South (#3,291). Tennis is #13,604 while Golf isn't in the top 55,000. Brack is #9,119. O ranks #45,784. Horse is #52,360.

Kelley is 169 and Kelly is #67.

Trust me, it's in no sense a waste of your time.

(If you want to cheat, just go here to see every name down to #88,799 -- Aalderink.)

Now on a completely different part of the Internets, I was directed by another Kelley to this coolness:

Create your own visited states map.

Note: This is a map of the states I've visited for the New Year over the past 10 years. You can also create a map of all the states you've driven through, had sex in, or voted for John Kerry in, and post it to your own blog or homepage! There's also a way to create of all the countries you've been to, but mine's not particularly impressive, so you don't get to see it.


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