Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Crackton is next

The best analogy I've seen regarding extraordinary rendition comes from Fred's comment on this Raw Story post about John Conyers:

In one sentence Alberto Gonzales says the US does not export terror suspects to foreign nations to be tortured. The US doesn’t condone it, he says.

He then goes on to say, “We can’t fully control what that country might do. We obviously expect a country to whom we have rendered a detainee to comply with their representations to us. If you’re asking me, ‘Does a country always comply?’ I don’t have an answer to that.”

IN-OTHER-WORDS, that’s like saying…

Gonzalez: “I do NOT allow my children to use drugs.”

Reporter: “Alberto, then why do you drop your children off at the local crack house on a regular basis?”

Gonzalez: “I can’t control what the owner of that crack house does. I obviously expect the owner of that house to honor his promise that he won’t give my children crack. If your asking me, ‘Does the crack house owner always comply?’ I don’t have an answer to that.”

The US Government is responsible for those criminal suspects. If they get tortured, that crime against humanity is on Alberto Gonzalez’s, Bush’s, and the entire US Government’s hands. They should all be arrested, tried, and serve life in prison. Negligence is not a valid defense.

There's nothing else to add to that. Except the fact that the State Department is the one calling these countries torturers. Never has the question been answered: what can these countries get out of these guys that we can't - and how?

Awful awful awful. Bush gets credit for Lebanon's "march to democracy" (oops) but can take no responsibility for the torture that happens routinely?

Please, Bush voters, explain to me how you're able to reconcile your vote with what you know about the torture policies.


While I can certainly agree that our administration is turning a blind eye to the practices of partner countries, I cannot fathom why your Simpson quote actually has something to do with your post.

I believe, sir, that this is without precedent.
Actually, I used to do it all the time (back in the olden days ... say, February). But this DOES have something to do with the post: Crackton is the crack-infested neighborhood Lisa travels through as she's trying to take public transportation to the museum. And the analogy? A crack house! So there you go.

Speaking of public transportation, remind me to blog on the CTA's miserable little power plays. They've fucked enough people, given enough shitty service, that frankly, nobody cares about their boohooing or losing 5,400 jobs or whatever. And if they wanna charge $3.40 per ride, go right ahead - I'll walk 6 miles each way before I give into their crap.
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