Wednesday, February 16, 2005


That's it, kids. Suckle on daddy's sugar ball...

I'm thinking of having all my headlines be Simpson's quotes from now on. That one was from last night. Tell me what you think.

Anyway, this post is actually about Bill Hemmer, some stupid American official, and the Ambassador from Syria. So, I was watching CNN this morning, and all I can say is - thank god that America-hating Eason Jordan is gone! Now they can be a REAL news organization. Hemmer was interviewing this Syrian dude, and showed a clip of some official (maybe our recalled ambassador to Syria? I don't know, it was early) and the American dude said something like "Syria is trying to have it's cake and eat it too. They say they need 17,000 troops to keep the peace in Lebanon, and yet they can't even stop a bombing in a wealthy, hotel-filled area!"

I am not making this up.

And Bill Hemmer - who, I suppose it could be argued, possibly knew this was the most horrifically stupid thing to ever have been uttered in the history of the universe, and just wanted to lob a softball at the Syrian dude - actually turned to the Syrian dude and asked him whether or not Syria was trying indeed to have it both ways.

The Syrian guy basically knocked the question out of the ballpark, of course. I mean, THIS is the U.S. policy now? That if an act of violence takes place during the occupation of another country, it proves that the occupier isn't doing it's job and perhaps has ulterior motives? Good to know.

UPDATE! Better deets in the Village Voice.

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