Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Rudeness is next to godliness

Honestly, all I want in life is for civilized dialogue to be the norm for all our interactions. Everyone involved in public discoursereally does need to take a step back, a deep breath, and a chill pill.

Except for Rudepundit.

The reason Gannon/Guckert matters is because this administration has mainstreamed evil, has made it a dull hum in the background. Oh, sure, sure, we were appalled, so goddamn outraged when Abu Ghraib happened, but now, even as story after story comes out that we, the American public, elected a government that thinks it's simply part of the post-9/11 game to abuse and torture suspects, we care less and less. And like a rickety old house with termites gnawing at its foundation, we are being undermined and won't know it until the whole thing comes crashing down around us. We are draining away law and ethics through the "extraordinary renditions" of "terror suspects," as well as our own torturing. Like city dwellers who can sleep through sirens, car alarms, and street construction, we just tune it all out. But it'll crash, finally. Then we'll think, oh, shit, should've killed those termites.
Rudepundit goes on to say that if this story takes down the current cabal in charge, that's good enough for him. It's not that the ends justify the means ... it's that the ends in this case are good and the means in this case are fair.

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