Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Finger pain!? I was expecting gum!

Okay, it's back to the Simpsons for our titles. This one from the most recent episode, where Patty is revealed to be a "Lady Who Lunches" (on other ladies). Overall, some decent lines, including "I have finally found the yin to my yin" and "Look at me! I'm straight as a one dollar bill" and of course, "His church is giving up hot gobs of gay green!"

After seeing the extremely hot Homer-on-Homer makeout session, I can honestly say that the image has been burned into my head forever and I may never sleep again.

ANYWAY! Two quick links. One to the Nashua Advocate, blog-cum-newspaper, that has been covering Gannon/Guckert pretty hot & heavy. They have an interview with Daschle's former spokesman that reveals that they knew much more about Gannon before the rest of us did, and that Gannon flat-out lied to them (about his residency) in search of a story, and that the media did nothing. As I wrote in comments:

So what's next: someone from the Thune campaign coming clean.

To those from southdakotapolitcs who would make the correlation between Daschle using legitimate newspapers as places to ship oppo research, vs. what the Thune campaign did with Gannon, I say - bring it on. If Daschle were caught PAYING the Argus to print his stories - that would be a massive scandal. So let's find out if Thune was paying Gannon.
Second, and this is getting to be a little Live Journalesque, but I highly recommend that anyone in the Greater Midwest Area check out the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's latest exhibit - Universal Experience: Art, Life, and the Tourist's Eye. The exhibit takes over the entire building and is extremely multimedia. The placards next to the pieces are informative without being didactic and pretty much every piece provoked some sort of discussion in my little group of two.

The best parts I saw included a series of video monitors with mirrors on the back showing people waking up, and airports and stuff; a huge walk-through display about the war, pornography, and journalism (among other things); a documentary about hijacking; and a 100 foot+ display of photos from around the world. There was lots of other good stuff besides. GO! NOW!!!

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