Monday, February 21, 2005


"...bloggers are all they will be."

So I wrote the Argus Leader guy back and pointed out he still hadn't addressed the question of why his paper hasn't covered this story, which has been reported on nationally, has a major South Dakota connection, and in fact INVOLVES his paper directly! I added that the blog with the most to say on the topic (one of the ones that introduced "Jeff Gannon" to South Dakotans and whose blogmaster was subsequently revealed to have been paid by Thune's campaign) was one of the few I'd found that HADN'T touched on it. (Since then, southdakotapolitics has covered it twice - here and here - although neither time has it discussed its own role in Thune's campaign ... instead prefering to call Gannon a "poor guy." And like ALL the right wing blogs, they are approaching the issue as "oh my gosh look at how irrational the left is!!!! After losing elections!!!!!")

I'm not going to post the entire response I got, except to say that he again dodged the question of why his paper hasn't covered this story yet and to report that he also does not believe that the blogs paid by Thune had any impact on the Senate race. In his words, "But the fact of the matter is they are just bloggers and bloggers is all they will be."

In my words, "SNAP!"

P.S. Check out for a great piece on Lauck's postings (Ethically Challenged Thune Paid Operative Defends Gannon).

Thanks for the plug! Nice to see word about the site is getting out. Check out these other great sites keeping an eye on Thune/Lauck/Gannon/Guckert.
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