Wednesday, December 01, 2004


rambling complaint letters are the BEST

Dear CBS:

According to the United Church of Christ, you rejected an ad from them because it seemingly indicated that the organization accepted gays and lesbians. The UCC said you said that because the Bush Administration had proposed an anti-gay marriage amendment to the Constitution, the ad was unacceptable. To me, this makes no logical sense. Could you please explain how one has anything to do with the other? I mean, it's not like the UCC's commercial takes a stand on any piece of legislation, or the proposed amendment itself. Even if the amendment were to become law, it wouldn't affect churches in the least, who are allowed to perform gay wedding ceremonies -- and to disallow gay wedding ceremonies -- and always will be under the First Amendment. It's freedom of religion. Are you somehow confusing the separation of church & state here? Please explain.

More fundamentally, I'm concerned by your seeming acceptance of a kind of backdoor state censorship. If the Bush Administration, for instance, proposed legislation against increased fuel efficiency, would you stop a car company from advertising for its cars that have greater fuel efficiency? What exactly ARE your standards for accepting or declining advertising - as long as it doesn't piss off the president? Jerry Falwell?? Please tell me.

I love the Amazing Race more than I've ever loved a show before. But I will have to consider boycotting CBS entirely if this situation is not explained or, hopefully, resolved with the UCC being able to advertize. I would love to hear from you why and how this happened.

Thanks very much,

Jonathan Kelley
5335 N. Clark St. #2
Chicago, IL 60640
(312) 420-2558

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