Thursday, December 16, 2004


our governor's an idiot and he's NOT hot

Not only was I late to work today, and missed the 147 by mere seconds after waiting for the 92 to take off for far too long, but I had to see the front pages of the Trib and the Sun-Times blaring that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevic wanted to introduce a patently unconstitutional bill to outlaw the sale to minors of violent & sexually explicit video games. Rod, this has been decided, mkay? By the Seventh Circuit. Which you're in. The gross thing is that this will be a popular decision with people who confuse their personal moral code for the state's legal code.


The worse, most flatulent thing I read about this were the Gov's comments on radio station WLS this morning. And I quote:

You can expect of course, the usual suspects to challenge us in court. The (American Civil Liberties Union) And you know, just an editorial comment, they get all bent out of shape when, you know, a judge posts the Ten Commandments in a courtroom.

And you know, I don't know about you, but I support each one of those Ten Commandments. But it's OK for some 6-year old to play a violent video game where the 6-year old is the participant who decapitates a police officer and then urinates on him.

Somehow, a 6-year-old has a right to do that, but a judge can't put the Ten Commandments up. So things are somewhat upside down when it comes to the ACLU in my mind.

Yeah yeah, nobody wants to be a card-carrying member of the ACLU, blah blah blah. How bizarre is it, though, to put yourself in Alabama judge Roy Moore's camp when making an analogy? Why oh why did I vote for this jerk? And how DARE you say you agree with "every single one" of the Ten Commandments, and at the same time be a supporter of the death penalty! What part of "thou shalt not kill" is negotiable, Rod?

If you live in this state, please contact the governor and your state senator and representative to express your feelings (if you have any) about this mockery.

Oh, and check out this little propaganda site: I'm wondering if even this site doesn't have constitutional problems? Can a game listed as violent appeal to be removed from the official "bad video games" list? What if the violence is in context of something more uplifting?


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