Tuesday, December 21, 2004


the enemy of your enemy

"As we move forward in helping the Iraqi people build a free and democratic future, the enemies of freedom seek to derail that transition, and it's important that we continue to go after the Saddam [Hussein] loyalists and the terrorists who want to turn back to the past," McClellan said.

That's Scott McClellan, and the bolding is mine. This quite is from today's press briefing as word was coming down about the 22+ dead and 50+ injured in the attack on an AMERICAN MILITARY BASE!

I guess all our base are belong to them.

I know it's been stated before, but come on ... I really hate and distrust the Sunni insurgents who seem to be happy to kill indiscriminately, and there's no question that majority rule in Iraq will not be kind to them, so it's not that much of a stretch to call them "enemies of freedom." However, it is also incontrovertable that Iraq is currently under occupation - despite what the government and CNN would have you believe - and our plans to keep major military installations there (along with the largest "embassy" in the world) plus have many of the major functions of government outsourced into private American corporations' hands mean that actual sovereignty is not coming up in anyone's Magic 8 Ball. A good debate can be had about the interplay between sovereignty, democracy, and "freedom" but it's not one anybody in government or the media really wants to have.

But never do these media reports quote someone who calls McClellan on their shit. The closest they get is a poll showing that Americans don't think the war is quite as hot shit as they thought 20 months ago. And anyone brave enough to say that their rhetoric is upside-down gets crucified - and more important, disinvited to reappear in quotes or on teevee or on fucking NPR.

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