Monday, September 27, 2004


Is helping your dad get elected against your interests selfISH or selfLESS...???

Maya Keyes, dear daughter of Your Future Senator From Illinois, was in the state recently, in an attempt to help dad win his upcoming election. You will remember that Alan Keyes is the gentleman who will go down in history as having inspired this blog you are reading right now -- he coined the phrase "selfish hedonist" to describe gays and lesbians in general and Mary Cheney in particular. He got a lot of crap for that from lots of folks.


It would seem that the blogger Modern Vertebrate found the 19-year-old-and-therefore-plainly-an-adult's blog, which -- hey, if that's not the work of a lesbian, then I don't know lesbians.

There is no doubt that this story needs to be followed up on by the media. In fact, as my colleague Richard said to me, it is downright homophobic for a press corps that reports every innuendo made by the Swift Boat Veterans NOT to follow up on a story that would show the official candidate of the Republican Party of Illinois to be a sham, a hypocrite, and a fool. It is the "okay for me but not for thee"-ness of the moralist wing of the GOP that needs to be forcefully addressed.

But what is in doubt is the extent to which Maya Keyes' sexuality, when posed alongside her campaigning, gives lie to Alan Keyes' use of the word "selfish" when describing gays & lesbians. I know he was talking about the fact that our sex is non-procreative, but I think it's no stretch to say that he and other anti-gay leaders really think of the entire notion of the gay movement, gay liberation, etc. is selfish because out queers often place their sexuality over their family's concerns or their community's values. Conversely, many gay rights leaders find those queers who remain closeted to be selfish because they do so in order to gain financial reward, or societal approval, or merely comfort (while their out counterparts are doing the hard work of social change).

So when you have a semi-closeted but basically out person trying to help elect someone who will consistently campaigns against your rights ... are you being the selfless "good daughter" or the selfish "who cares about them gays, I wanna be the daughter of a senator"?

Or perhaps you're just being the crazy "I'm never gonna have to worry about abortion so I'll try to make sure women who have them are imprisoned like my daddy said!" daughter.

UPDATE: Well, it has been pointed out to me that Maya's blog is now "private" so you can no longer access her posts, such as this one from March 3:

I remembered pieces of some of my (numerous) conversation/arguments with my parents on the subject of homosexuality. My father, in the middle of explaining why queers are all intrinsically awful people, no matter how lovely they may seem… in the end his argument came down to basically, It’s inherently selfish to be queer because no matter if we say we’re in love it’s only for selfish reasons (read: we just want to hump like bunnies and don’t really care about anything else but physical pleasure) because we don’t have CHILDREN like the beautiful selfless heterosexuals. Ergo, queers live only for self-gratification and no matter what else goes on in their lives, ultimately (consciously or subconsciously) our entire existence is directed towards the purpose of self-seeking pleasure; queers are not capable of anything but selfish actions whether we know it or not. Along the same vein, my mother, after meeting on one of my friends (one of the sweetest, smartest, politest boys I know; someone who would be great to bring home to parents. Any parents but mine.) who she couldn’t help but like, took a while to think of something disparaging to say about him because it is against her principles to actually like any of my friends and finally decided that she didn’t, after all, like him because he had a weak mouth as a result of being one of those homosexuals. She says that homosexuals are all inherently weak people, just as they are all inherently selfish people, because they don’t know how to deny themselves anything.

(thanks to Archpundit for the text)

However, Alan is kind enough to have provided all the confirmation you or I need on his campaign site.

(again, thanks to Archpundit)

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