Tuesday, May 17, 2005


In latest Blago vs. Mell episode Blago claims "T.V."

From Today's Sun-Times..... "Gov. Blagojevich made his father-in-law sound like a monster-in-law Monday, blaming virtually all of his administration's problems on Ald. Richard Mell. And he said "testicular virility'' had given him the fortitude to shake things up in Springfield and stand up to Mell (33rd)."

This is Blago vs. Mell Part 5 or so. Personally, I vote for Mell on this one. Blago's getting bad ethics press and wants to shift the public's glance back onto Mell. If he has problems they are his not Mells... BTW what is Blago trying to say? That he has "balls" or that he has "spunk"?

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