Monday, April 25, 2005


On Hyde, Mozilla

I hate to spoil the chocolate milk party. However, Hyde retiring is bad news for Cegelis. Hyde's numbers have slipped each election in a trend that would have led to his losing in the next cycle (see Russ Stewart). Her best bet was to run a second time against the entrenched old fart (ala Melissa Bean).

Now there's going to be a open race for the Republican nomination. Hopefully they bloody up each other. However, the primary offers an opportunity for the Republican candidate to mobilize support, build name reconicion and get their organization in place. And if Rosemary Mulligan, a moderate pro choice woman, runs Christine is toast. And we're not certain Cegelis won't have to contend with a Democratic primary. Cegelis can still win, but her job just got harder. She needs to work hard now (as she clearly is) to avoid a Democratic challenger. Then pray for the right Republican to contrast with in the general.

As for the AFA award on Peter's website. Of course, he puts that on his site. He's running in a district that has supported the intellectual godfather of the Pro Life movement for 40 years (remember the Hyde Amendment). They love that stuff as much Deaniacs scream about Iraq and WMD (pun intended)

Yes, Jonathan the blog look fine using Firefox.

Okay, now I can see it! Huh, I wonder what that was about. Stupid internets.
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